What is a Walk Act?

A Walk Act or Walking Act could be called "living decoration". This can be many things: actors in costume who spontaneously interact with the audience, stilt walkers, jugglers and many more. Unlike a show it is a non-choreographed act. The walking act moves through the event, showing tricks and interacting with groups of guests and then moves on to the next group. A big advantage is being really close to the audience as well as spontaneous fun happenings. Additionally, a walk act can be a real eyecatcher and will draw people's attention. With bright, shining costumes, a walk act can be a great photo opportunity, too. 


How long does a Walk Act take?

With the walk act, there a numerous possibilities. Time slots can be rather short with 15-20 minutes or several hours - with breaks of course. Here are a few ideas how to incorporate a walk act into your event:

- Stilt walker joining a parade through a town

- Greeting guests at weddings and other receptions, with stilts, fire or juggling

- stilt walker on festivals who literally stand out in the crowd

- entertainment foing from table to table in restaurants or bars, with juggling or fire

- handing out leaflets in a bright and eye-catching costume at trade fairs, openings and more


In this category on the website you find the stilt, ballons and fire walk acts as well as Verena's other skills, like modelling or show-hosting.

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