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#Trashion – the trend that is here to stay. Upcycling instead of buying new, getting creative instead of throwing stuff away.

A beautiful duo project by Verena Rau and Sabine Bechle of Mirari Walk Act.

The idea for #Trashion came from their shared outrage about the huge amounts of packaging that they see on a daily basis. So many products are wrapped in several layers, packages from online shopping seem to contain more wrapping than actual products. Although both artists try to reduce plastic packaging in their daily lives, more and more of the stuff accumulated, and they couldn't get rid of the feeling that something had to be created with all that material.

Hence, the costumes for this walking act are made entirely of the collected plastic packaging. Bubble wrap, transparancies of all sorts or the strong tapes around shipping boxes, it all found its way into the dresses. Only small amounts of new materials were used for connecting the parts, like thread for sewing or hot glue, everything else is recycled. 

These dresses are the spring collection: floral motives, elegant, feminine shapes and playful details are the main characteristics.

#Trashion is a walking act that is pretty to look at and that has a strong message for a circular economy. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

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What is a Walk Act?

A walk act or walking act is a non-choreographed, spontaneous act and could be called "living decoration".This can be many things: colourful stiltwalkers with impressive costumes; jugglers spreading a circus atmosphere; balloon artists giving away little balloon animals and many more. Unlike a show, this way of performing is more flexible, not tied to one place and perfect for spontaneous interaction with the audience. In front of individual people and groups the walk act shows some tricks, poses for photos and moves on. A big advantage is seeing the performer up close and not on a faraway stage.

Walk acts are very versatile. Here are a few ideas of how to incorporate a walk act into your event:

  • Greeting the guests at the start of an event and posing for photos
  • Fakir walk act: going from table to table in restaurants and showing the art of fire eating up close
  • Dancing in clubs with the Mirror Suit as a living disco ball
  • Walking in parades on stilts
  • Balloon modelling at all sorts of parties and festivals
  • Eyecatcher on stilts for big events to draw attention, e. g. at trade fairs, festivals
  • Juggling or clown walk act for a circus themed event
  • Stiltwalking through a christmas market, e. g. as a Snowflake or Miss Santa

And many more!

How long does a Walk Act take?

Verena's walk acts can last anything from 20 minutes to several hours, depending on how you want to incorporate the walk act into your event. These are the standard options for you:

  • Greeting the guests: 30 to 60 minutes at the start of an event, to greet the guests and pose for photos, for example on stilts
  • Several little appearances: 4 x 20 minutes throughout the day or evening
  • Fakir: ca. 20 to 40 minutes going from table to table so the guests can see the art of fire eating up close

The duration of any walk act can be adjusted to your event needs. Get in touch and get your customized offer. Longer appearances are possible as well, depending on the costume. Please note that after about two hours there needs to be a break.

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