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Legend says that Prometheus brought fire to humans in ancient times. They did not only use it to warm themselves and prepare food but also to bring a light to the darkness oft he night. They lit their homes with candles and torches but they also invented fireworks for their entertainment. For thousands of years, fire has fascinated and captivated the minds of people everywhere. Even in our high-tech age, playing with fire has lost nothing of its impressiveness.

The taming of the flames is like a little miracle every time that will leave your guests in awe. They can feel the heat oft he fire props and so the fire show is not only a visual experience but feels very real and close.

Choose a themed show from the selection below. Fire shows are a perfect match for many events and they are always a highlight. Also, you can find a description of requirements for fire shows on this site (FAQ).

If you prefer a playful type of fire entertainment up close, check out Verena’s Fakir Walk Act here. Unlike a fire show, the walk act is a non-choreographed, personal type of performance, for example going from table to table in a restaurant, showing fire eating and body fire tricks.

Where fire meats hot guitar riffs!
This fire show takes you to the orient and shows you the beaty and grace of oriental dance.
The fantastic fire show in the dark and mysterious gothic style.
This show will bring up the heat! The fiery and exciting blend of circus and electro-swing music makes you want to join in and dance.
Enjoy the fiery interpretation of well-known movie soundtracks!

Can a fire show be done indoors or only outdoors?

In principle, Verena’s fire shows are staged outside because the fire props cause smoke and fumes that can be dangerous in closed areas. There are some exceptions though, for locations with very high ceilings and a lot of room. Additionally, special liquids and props can be used to ensure a safe and wonderful show. Another indoor fire act that is much simpler but still very impressive is the Fakir Walk Act. Verena mingles with the audience, showing the art of fire eating and bodyfire with little torches.

How much space is needed for a fire show?

An area of around 5 x 5 m as the stage is needed, the ground should be fireproof. If the show area is roofed over, the ceiling height needs to be at least 3,5 m.

What other requirements are there for the location?

It is vital to make sure the proprietor of the location consents to having a fire show there. Please talk to the proprietor of your venue before booking a fireshow and/or put them in contact with Verena. She will explain the safety measures with them so that they can be assured as well. Another important issue to think about is loud music: since the fire shows are usually at night, there might be ristrictions concerning loud music outdoors after 10 pm. If that is the case, the fire show might need to take place earlier (9.30 pm, so it is finished by 10 pm) or the music might need to be player a little quieter.

What safety measures are there for a fire show?

Besides bringing all the show props, Verena has all materials with her to ensure the safety of her show. It starts with skaking of excess liquid from the props into a container so the chance of droplets during the show and the environmental impact are reduced massively. All props are extinguished with a wet blanket at the end of each act. The blanket is also an important tool in case anything should catch fire. For her own protection, Verena always brings with her an assistant who helps her with handling the props and who can intervene in case of emergency. Should any property be damaged at a show, all the damages will of course be paid by Verena’s liability insurance. From years of experience, she can tell you that this has never happened, but it’s always good to take precautions and stay informed about the latest developments in fire safety.

But isn’t that dangerous?

People often ask Verena about injuries of burns from the fire. She is happy to tell you that she never had any serious accident with fire. Smaller burns happen from time to tim, which remind the performers to never let their guard down and never lose their respect for the hot element. Yes, it is real fire, yes, it can be dangerous if handled improperly.


Fire Breathing

As a special show hightlight you can add fire breathing to the show. Verena breathes fire with lycopodium and the so-called dragen tongue. This is the only method of fire breathing that Verena supports since it can be done safely.

Fire Heart

Burning for love? Book the flaming heart for you special day. For weddings you can book the flaming heart as a finale to Verena’s shows. At the end of the show, the heart is lit by the bride and groom to the sound of their song. Don’t forget your cameras because you definitely want to capture this fantastic sight of the couple framed by the flames.

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