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For thousands of years, people have been mesmerised by this useful but also quite dangerous element. There is something very primal that compulsively draws us towards a dancing flame, even in our modern high-tech world, the art of manipulating (real) fire is both fascinating and impressive to watch.

A fire show by Verena lasts 20 minutes. You can chose from the following themes and styles of music: medieval, oriental, soundtrack or rock/metal; or get your individual package of songs and props, tailored to your event needs, for example “your” song at your wedding, or a fire show with your band on stage.

The following props are used on stage in Verena’s fire shows:

  • Poi


    Two illuminated points in the air that draw wonderful patterns into the night sky.
  • Fire Umbrella

    Fire Umbrella

    An umbrella that burns? See for yourself! The Fire Umbrella is useless against rain, but the effect of this is even better.
  • Torches


    The night version of club juggling. Don’t catch the wrong end!
  • Hand Fire

    Hand Fire

    Two wicks that are tied to Verena’s hands.
  • Body Fire and Fire Eating

    Body Fire and Fire Eating

    Is it magic or “just“ a trick? Verena lets the flames walk on her body like it is just a game, and in the end eats the flames. Don’t try this at home but come and watch!
  • Snakes


    The long version of Poi is he brightest of Verena’s fire equipment. Like big wings the snakes slice through the night.
  • Fans


    With five burning wicks in every hand, the fans emphasize and enlarge Verena’s dancing movements, and look very impressive.  


All fire shows must take place outdoors, an indoor performance is not usually recommended, unless adequate ventilation and safety precautions have been put in place. The area needed is around 5 x 6 m.

Fire Safety

When booking Verena for a fire show you can relax in the knowledge that every precaution has been taken for her performance. Verena is professionally trained in handling her fire props and safety equipment, with years of experience and training; rest assured that you can safely enjoy this exciting art form at your event.

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