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Juggling is much more than throwing and catching. It’s a versatile and visual art and a way of expression. Aesthetics and technique go hand in hand and create something new and exciting.

Verena amazes with her flowing, dancelike style. She shows juggling from its feminine, graceful and charming side. Since 2004 she hones her juggling skills with many different props – among them clubs, balls and rings – and incorporates her experience in dance and music into her shows.

Here you can get an overview of Verena’s juggling acts and shows.

Amazement - this is the title and the mood this act is setting. It is awe-inspiring and beautiful.
Juggling meets oriental dance!
This act is an homage to the trainer Misty from the famous and popular Pokemon series:
Rings are a symbol of connectedness, of bonds between people. This romantic and dreamy act will warm your heart.
Here comes Miss Santa and brings many great tricks with her!
This calm and almost contemplative juggling act was written for a concert with Glox e. V. – a handbell choir from Schönaich.
A beautiful juggling act that invites you to dream and sit back.