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The people of Ancient Egypt enjoyed the art of throwing and catching. The field of juggling (which can also be called object manipulation) has developed greatly over the years, and the variety in this discipline of circus arts seems endless. Verena has been training juggling for almost a decade now. She dedicates at least one hour every day to developing and refining her skills. Due to this dedication to her practice, she can keep up to five clubs and balls in the air at the same time!

These are her current juggling stage acts:

  • Juggling Show Amazement

    Juggling Show Amazement

    Here comes the brandnew juggling show by Verena in which she shows her latest tricks with up to seven clubs! Watch her clubs float through the air in a dreamy atmosphere, and then whirl fast in a crazy, breathtaking sequence. It's complicated technical juggling, but looks so easy and smooth.

  • Juggling Act “Misty – The Pokemon Juggler”

    Juggling Act “Misty – The Pokemon Juggler”

    Juggling Act “Misty – The Pokemon Juggler” – Verena’s newest act, presenting highbrow three club tricks with groovy beats, all in the costume of the well-known heroine of the Pokemon series – Misty.

    Watch the trailer for this act here.

  • Juggling Act „Fantasy“

    Juggling Act „Fantasy“

    Four minutes of glamorous juggling with the acrylic ball, three balls and up to four clubs that will enchant you!

  • Bellydance Juggling „The Pendulum“

    Bellydance Juggling „The Pendulum“

    This show that lasts around 15 minutes combines bellydance and juggling to a unique performance. Smoothly, one trick leads to the next one, with clubs and balls, and the energetic, mystic music.


  • Duo Juggling Act with Philipp Koch

    Duo Juggling Act with Philipp Koch

    It starts with three balls, and it ends with seven clubs; in between there are new, innovative and impressive tricks for two persons. Discover the possibilities of passing!

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Walkabout acts for your event can also be booked, this could include circus artists forming part of a parade, providing roving entertainment at a festival, or perhaps to meet and greet your guests when they arrive at your venue. Walkabout acts are available to entertain your guests with a variety of different props including:

Clubs, Balls, Rings: They are the classical props of juggling. Verena specializes in clubs, and is known for her versatile and innovative set of tricks.

Poi: The poi – strings with balls on their end – fly wildly through the air when Verena plays them, but they can be slow and gentle as well, drawing ever new patterns in the sky. Poi acts can be played during the day or at night, with LED equipment.

Fans: Is it dance or juggling? Flowing movements and bursts of colour you can see with Verena’s big veil fans.

Flags: Flags are similar to poi, but bigger and more colourful!

Contact Juggling: This “crystal ball” is not meant to tell the future. It rolls softly from hand to hand, can be balanced on the head and seems to float through the air.

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