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Mirror Suit LED Show picture by Foto-Palladium

A lightshow from another world!

You see a figure move through space like an alien life form. Only through the eyes can you see the performer beneath; the rest is covered in hexagonal mirror pieces. Starting with a medley through different styles of music, the show takes the audience on a journey. Directly after the dance follows an LED poi act that is smooth and flowy as well as reminiscend of a tango rhythm. A mysterious ambience is presented with LED double staves, followed by a high-energy act with LED fans. In the final part of the show, Verena goes all out with the mesmerizing Visual Poi. This is also where any logo, name or other branding image can be implemented.

Props: LED poi, LED double staves, LED fans, Visual Poi

Duration: 20 Minutes, shorter versions possible

Requirements: space needed ca. 5 x 5 m; ceiling height 3,5 m; dark room / area; can be played indoors and outdoors