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Innovative, hypnotic, many-faceted – LED show! Verena’s LED shows with a variety of different glowing props will mesmerize you. High-brow juggling and object manipulation meets high-tech electronic equipment. The lights follow the rhythm oft he music and connect the juggling and music to form a harmonic new piece of art.

See great glow club juggling in the show „Galactic Orbit“ and in Verena’s christmas LED show „Christmas Glow“. Many other exciting props of the so-called flow arts, such as double staves, poi and many more are integrated in Verena's shows. For a very special look, check out Verena's Mirror Suit LED Show in a costume that is like a living disco ball.

Incorporating a logo or brand into the show will make it a special experience and leave a lasting impression on your audience. To find out more about personalization and customization, see below on this page.

A lightshow from another world!
High-tech juggling with a glow!
LED shows are the best holiday lights

Personalisierung & Branding