• A highlight for your event

    A highlight for your event

    You can book Verena for all sorts of events, reaching from private parties such as weddings and birthdays, to corporate events, such as Christmas parties or product presentations, all the way to big events like trade fairs, festivals, gala shows and many more.   On stage, in front of a camera or right in the middle of your event among the guests, Verena is sure to leave a great impression and give your event another highlight.
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    … to Verena’s homepage. See all about the allround entertainer and get an impression of her skills here: learn more about her fire show, LED shows, juggling shows, bellydance shows, walkacts and more!
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03.07.2018 - Verena LIVE at Das Fest Karlsruhe!

This year, a very special show has been put together for the "Kulturbühne" (Culture Stage) at the Das Fest Festival in Karlsruhe. The "Vivarium Artisticum Spezial" gala show honors the 20th anniversary of the foundation of the "Pyramidaler Kleinkunstverein", Karlsruhe's juggling association, which organizes juggling festivals and trainings. The show features artists from Karlsruhe as well as colleagues from the scene who have performed at Karlsruhe Juggling Conventions before. Don't miss this exciting, multi-faceted show!

Date: sunday, 22nd july, 8.30 pm

Place: Günther-Klotz-Anlage, Karlsruhe

Click here for more info about Das Fest: http://www.dasfest.de/

Click here for more info about the show (spoilers!): https://www.variete-ka.de/

21.04.2018 - World Circus Day and new Stilt Gallery

Happy World Circus Day everyone! The circus as an art form is turning 250 this year. What a time to be alive! I shall celebrate and honour this day by playing a juggling show tonight.

Just in time for the summer season, I can present to you the updated stilt gallery. Check it out!

15.03.2018 - Verena LIVE with bellydance and juggling

Coming up next week: the contest "Emmendinger Kleinkunstpreis" where I will show my bellydance jugging act.

In summer, I will be part of the Oriental Nights events at Saarland Therme. Dates are: 2th june and 4th august.

More info about my performances can be found here: Calendar.

03.01.2018 - Christmas season 2017

Long-legged Santa girl or Snowflake - Verena was an eyecatcher at christmas parties and markets.

Schlossweihnacht Bruchsal - a beautiful christmas market near Karlsruhe - put together a video summary of the event. See Verena at 2:10 min.


Link to video


23.09.2017 - Verena LIVE at Stadtfest Karlsruhe 7th and 8th October

This year I have the pleasure of performing at the Stadtfest Karlsruhe on the weekend of 7th and 8th october. In total, there will be six show from me that you can watch while wandering through the streets of Karlsruhe.

Performing times:

Saturday: 1.30 pm, 3.30 pm and 4.30 pm

Sunday: 2.00 pm, 3.30 pm and 5.00 pm

The stages are set up around Kaiserstraße. More infos on my calendar and on the website of Stadtmarketing Karlsruhe.


23.04.2017 - See Verena's LED show LIVE

Verena will play her LED juggling show on the 5th May 2017 at the Open Stage at the club Roxy in Ulm. Experience this high-tech performance with energetic music, a hypnotic colour spectacle and smooth juggling moves.

More infos about the event here. Tipp: It's best to get there early, since the tickets are usually sold out pretty fast!

2016 09 06 Verena Rau 14 Logo k

01.02.2016 - New Trailer "Amazement"

Finally: the new trailer for my juggling act "Amazement".

18.10.2015 - Premiere in december

I proudly present: "Let the journey begin", a dance theatre project by Strange Stars and the Soundance Vodun Crew. As a dancer I am part of this journey, don't miss it: friday 11th december at the DLC Dance School Vaihingen an der Enz, 8.30 pm.

Event Link here

20.08.15 - New fire show with live music by Strange Stars

I proudly present: the new fire show with the music of the awesomely creative duo Strange Stars. You can now book us together and let us take you to the edge of reality. In addition to the fire show, they are happy to play additional music sets so your event is all sorted out with entertainment for the evening ;) Here's their website and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

But it doesn't stop here: from now on I am part of the Soundance Vodun Crew and will perform a musical theatre with the Strange Stars. More info coming soon... stay strange.


30.07.15 - Off to EJC

EJC stands for European Juggling Convention, which will take place in Bruneck, South Tirol, this year.

Off course Verena will be there to train her juggling skills, see her juggling friends and be a volunteer. Check out the Website of the EJC.

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