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Bellydance or oriental dance is a beautiful and versatile form of dance that celebrates joy and passion. A long history and countless different styles and sub-genres make it one of the most interesting and surprising dance forms in the world.

Isolating parts ot the body and controlling all muscles individually are basic elements in bellydance. It demands concentration and coordination from the dancers although you wouldn’t notice on the stage since they make it look smooth and easy. The audience is swept away with fiery hip shimmies and follows the waves through the dancers bodies with their eyes, admiring their skill and dedication.

Verena’s bellydance style is influenced by several: besides the classical oriental style, she takes inspiration from Tribal and Tribal Fusion as well as Gothic Bellydance. She also loves to dance with props such as veiled fans, dance wings (‚Isis Wings‘) or objects that she balances on her head like the acryllic ball. A unique creation by Verena is her show combining juggling and oriental dance called „Bellydance Juggling“.

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